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About (SK-LISA)

An exciting new innovation is set to revolutionize the way Livestock is currently traded internationally.

Backed by our Team of highly qualified and experienced of Buying and Selling Livestock is sufficiently enhanced (SK-LISA) Believes that the Livestock International Market needs to build on accessibility, information, transparency and, most importantly our principle and integrity.

The vision underpins our determination to provide International Livestock Trading, allowing buyers and sellers to complete transactions efficiently, seamless, and in a transparently manner and reliable administration, efficient logistic vessel management to ensure that the Trust that it has built over the years and will continue to do so with certainty as clients is our priority to preserve it with future clients of supply of quality cattle and sheep.

Our South African based feedlots allow, Livestock (Cattle / Sheep to pasture freely in a healthy environment.

SK-LISA). Suppliers to the international market with other low plants suitable for grazing animals especially cattle / sheep. Livestock to pasture freely in a healthy environment.

The quarantine isolation of the animals is audited frequently by the South African State Veterinary Officer.

Our ability to supply first class well fed breeds: Bulls, Brahmans Steers, Heifers, Inguni cattle, Bonsmara cattle, Afrikaner cattle & Drakensburg cattle of the highest quality breeds of cattle and quantity; etc.

We are well equipped and with our sales and marketing executives based in South East Asia and Continent of Africa.

Total financial capital: $100 million US Dollars.